Program starts on SEPTEMBER 23, 2022

eat clean and get Lean

Clean and Lean is a 6-week nutrition and fitness program designed specifically for anyone who wants to lose weight safely without having to count calories or manage points.

Do any of these situations resonate with you?...


Are you fed up with wanting to lose weight but never feeling like you don't have the time or bandwidth to make big changes or spend hours doing meal prep?


You want to eat well but counting calories takes too much work and counting points gets too confusing? Plus, it is so easy for things to come in your day and you forget to track what you have eaten!


You start a new diet on a Monday, and it goes really well for the first 72 hours, but it becomes too tough to adhere to, and you fall back into old habits.


Maybe you were one of the rare ones who actually managed to work your way through a weight loss program and get the results that you were hoping for...only to then ultimately gain all the weight back.

Clean and LeaN

That’s exactly why we created Clean and Lean. We wanted to create a program for people just like you to reach your fitness goals without having to go to extremes to keep the weight off!

We took the same strategies I’ve used to help my most successful clients develop the right eating habits and exercise routines and created this six-week program to focus on mastering the most effective actions when it comes to weight loss.

These actions alone will get to the fitness level you want.

What's Included?

Nutrition Plan

No calorie counting, no time-consuming meal prep, no bland flavorless food...our program is about nutritious, delicious meals designed to help you drop a dress size!

Workout Plan

Our short, easy-to-follow workouts will help you to boost your metabolism, increase your core strength and flexibility, and improve your results.

Success Calls

The program starts with a success call so that you feel confident with the steps you need to take, followed by weekly Q&A sessions to help you reach your goals.


Surround yourself with a community of like-minded people. Share your journey, swap tips and ideas, and get support every step of the way.

Accountability and Support

We will keep you accountable and help you stay on track for the whole program...and if you do get stuck, you can message us anytime!

Daily Content

Through our coaching app, you will get a daily blog post to help you succeed and build lifelong skills.


Program Success Guides

Ten helpful bonus guides including a program checklist, supershake recipes, meal planning tools, and an ultimate breakfast and bulk cooking guide.

Pinterest Recipe Collection

The bonus online recipe collection will provide you with over 100 delicious and nutritious recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, smoothies, and snacks.

Program Benefits

Lose Weight

Lose weight and feel lighter

and more confident!

Get Fitter

Increase your metabolism

and improve your fitness!

Feel Healthier

Thrive on being healthy

and eating delicious foods!

Clean and Lean

  • A 6-week nutrition and workout plan
  • Guaranteed to drop a dress size
  • Weekly group success calls
  • Support and accountability
  • Daily lessons for motivation
  • Access to an online community
  • BONUS Pinterest recipe collection
  • BONUS Success guides

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